“Codio has radically improved the way I teach my class”
- Gordon Fraser, Sheffield University
Significant time saving for Faculty by using Codio's cutting-edge features such as instant access
to student code, powerful auto-graded assessments and more.
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20% reduction in admin time
Faculty consistently report a reduction in admin time of at least 20% through breakthroughs that include instant access to student code, reduction in setup and configuration time for new assignments use of auto-graded assessment creation without the need to write code, and LMS integration.
Cost saving
Codio delivers tangible reductions in grading costs as manual grading is easily replaced with auto-grading. Codio’s VM and IDE also reduces the need to invest and maintain labs. All students need is a laptop and a browser.
Better Collaboration
Instant access to student code enables class groups to share and contrast approaches to problem solving and programming in a classroom setting, which means better class engagement and greater potential for learning.
New ways of teaching
Codio’s curriculum authoring tools lets your instructional content control the IDE, enabling better concept illustration and student interaction. Together with integrated assessments, it enhances your teaching materials and allows for a more immersive and rewarding learning experience for students.
Greater insight into student progress
Learning management features like recording student time spent in assignments, and use of integrated assessments give faculty far greater insight into student engagement and students get faster feedback loops on assignment challenges.
Reliability and ease of use
Codio is the only platform able to scale to student demand and is relied on by thousand of institutions worldwide. It is highly reliable and easy to use for faculty and students.

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