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Need a platform for extra exam revision?
Tired of watching videos and want to actually code?

Codio for students and professionals


Codio is designed for anyone interested in learning to code. If you are a complete beginner, don't worry! Codio is used by computer science teachers for students of all levels. You can purchase an individual licence and pay on a monthly basis.


Professional Developer?

No problem. Codio is a web-based front-end IDE that addresses all aspects of the development lifecycle — from prototype to deployment. It has features of a desktop IDE but the usability that developers expect in modern browser-based applications.

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Codio is a fun, easy to use and safe environment for students to learn programming. The lessons are logically set out, interesting and iterative, with each lesson nicely building on the previous one.
Alex Briggs-Davies

Alex Briggs-Davies

5 stars on the chrome web store

Codio IDE

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Full Terminal Access and Unlimited Private Projects

Students and professional developers can choose to create an individual account. An individual account provides you with full terminal access, unlimited project space and one always on-server.

Curriculum-maped Courses

Over 80+ course units are available to use including computational thinking, Python, Java and Javascript. Courses are co-developed with Oxford, Cambridge and RSA (OCR), UK's leading exam board.

Affordable for All

Codio costs $15 per month for an individual license. As an individual user, you have access to the exact same tools and resources that Universities, Schools and Professional Businesses use.

Code from Anywhere

Codio provides developers of all skill levels with access to a Web-based IDE for HTML, CSS and JavaScript development. As it is cloud based, you can access your projects from anywhere on any device.

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