Limitations and restrictions

When you map book content to a course unit, you should be aware that certain features may not work as expected.

Because a book sits on a single Codio box, if the student is able to access the terminal window or is able to see the file tree, they can effectively access parts of the book that are outside the scope of the unit. In many cases, this does not matter, but you should be aware of it.

Here are some specific things to be aware of.

  • Auto grade script: in unit settings, you can specify an auto grade script to execute when the student makes the unit as complete. You can still use this but if the script you are executing needs to be unit specific, then you should include an argument that is passed to your script so it knows the unit context.
  • Plagiarism - plagiarism detection makes little sense in books. If you have are doing coding assignments, then you should use a project unit within a course.
  • Mark as complete: this works as expected but, unlike course project units and projects, it cannot set the project to be read-only as the book project can be mapped to other units which will require access to the box.
  • Secure assessments: if you want to minimize the risk of student cheating, then you should understand that students may be able to access the terminal window and access all parts of the underlying box. As a result, we would recommend that more secure assessments are placed in project units rather than book based units. This also allows full disabling of the box by setting a project to read-only after being marked as complete.