Grading free text

Free text questions will normally require a manual grading process. In order to grade these questions, you should first select the unit. You will then be shown the student list, as you can see below.


You can now select a student. You will then be shown the list of all assessments for that student within the unit. Free text questions are denoted by the icon highlighted below.

Free Text Grading

Note that if a student has started to answer a question but not submitted the answer, then you will see DRAFT written next to it. Once they submit, you will see GRADE indicating that the question has been submitted and is ready to be graded.

If a class deadline is reached, then you can grade questions that are set to DRAFT and where the student may have forgotten to submit the answer fully.

You can also see the date and time for each submitted answer as well as the date that the unit was marked as complete by the student.