Grading project work

Codio’s grading features address four important aspects when grading student projects.

  • Assign grade - manually reviewing student projects and then assigning a grade.
  • Grading moderation - having other lecturers review grades already assigned in order to monitor consistency of grading.
  • Grading rubric - This provides a grading guideline framework for teachers. Please click here for details.
  • LMS gradebook sycnhronization - This feature ensures that when teachers release grades, the data is passed automatically to any LTI enabled LMS platform such as Moodle, Blackboard and Canvas.

Video overview

Click here if you’d like to watch a quick video overview.

The grading process

Once students have completed their assignments, they should notify the teacher of completion by going to the Education->Mark as Completed menu item within the IDE. The teacher is then able to see whose project is ready to be graded (see below image with completion status circled left).

The teacher is also able to filter either finding specific students or to view students based on the status of the unit.

Students can be filtered by:

  • Any Status
  • Started
  • Not Started
  • Fully Graded
  • Not Graded
  • Completed
  • Uncompleted

You can access the student’s project from the same screen by clicking on the 3 blue dots on the extreme right (see below image with dots circled right). You can then review the project.

Grading access

The teacher can also mark the unit as complete going to the Education->Mark as Completed menu item within the IDE and if already marked as complete, can change the status to incomplete

There are two ways to assign the grade.

  • Either you can grade from within the IDE itself from the Education menu item. You need to have a student project open in the IDE.
  • Or you can grade from the class dashboard. You must first have selected the unit associated with the project and then press the grading icon.

Also see Autograding

To grade from the class dashboard, you should first select the assignment unit. You can see the check mark next to those students who have completed the assignment.

To assign comments or a grade, you click on the Grade icon (see image above with grading icons circled center). You can then modify the comments and grade fields for any individual student.

Assign Grades

Releasing Grades

By default students are not shown the grades until you decide to release them to the class. This allows you to hold back until you have completed the entire grading process and then release them in one go. If you want the students to see the grades as you go then simply flick the release grades switch before you start grading.


Students are able to see their grades either from their My Classroom view or by opening the unit and going to Education->Feedback

You can also release grades from the main Unit view right clicking on the 3 vertical dots and selecting Release grades.

Release Grades

Automatically releasing grades

If you wish to automatically release grades when students complete a unit, you can enable this feature at the organisation level so when you create new classes this option is automatically enabled. See organisation release grades for more information.

You can also change the status of this feature for individual classes if required on the admin tab of the class.
Class Release Grades

Grading moderation

In some situations you may want to monitor the accuracy of grading. This can become especially important if you have more than one lecturer or teacher grading student work. It is important that students can rely on a consistency of grades no matter which person actually assigns the grade.

This is where grading moderation is a very useful tool. It allows other teachers to access a student’s project, review it and then assign a grade and associated comments. Rather than reviewing all student projects, typically a smaller sample will be taken for review and from that it should become clear if there are any obvious discrepancies.

A common approach is to take a few students who got top grades, a few with terrible grades and a few from the middle of the pack and then perform the grading moderation on those.

The below screenshot shows an example of where a student project has been graded by Professor Babbage, who awarded an A-. The grade was then reviewed by Freddy May, who assigned a slightly better grade.


The moderated grade will not be shown to the class and can only be seen by teachers of that class.

Teachers who you want to perform grading moderation will need to be added to the class from the Admin screen first.