nbgrader autograding support

Jupyter notebook has auto-grade functionality through nbgrader that Codio supports


Unit creators create the unit with Jupyter notebook files for the assignment.

nbgrader support doesn’t require guides or any other assessments.

Any user configurations required should be stored in a .codio-jupyter file.

if a .codio-jupyter file exists in a project we assume it is jupyter based grader, and therefore only nbgrader can be selected for the assessment scripts in the unit

When the unit is published to a class, either as an individual project or as part of a course/module, the release version is created for the student.

When the student submits the assignment by marking the unit as complete, it will be autograded automatically.

Manual grading is also available if required


At present we do not have any additional options, but have plans in the future to allow to specify port for .jupyter or access tokens.
If you require any assistance at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us