Update course

If any updates to a course used in your class are detected, you can upgrade the unit to the latest version from the Update Course button. The code workspace, other than the guides folder, is never updated as this can invalidate work for students who have already started the unit.

Update Course

Updates may be new units added to the course, a new version of the stack, updates for assessments in a guide or book, changes to the general guide content or a change in the order of units in the course.

Most assessment changes can be safely upgraded but if you have altered the structure of a question (for example multiple choice changed from single response to multiple response) then student response data can be invalidated.

Upgrade Stack

Any changes to guides content can be applied. You should be careful about making major structural changes as students who have already started the unit could be confused. The code workspace folder will not be impacted, so any student work in this folder will not be impacted.

Select units to update

A list of all modified units will be shown. You can select the units you wish to update. The Update Course button will no longer be shown if updates have already been applied.

Stack updates

If updates to the stack are detected and students have already started the unit(s) you can elect to update the stack as well as the guides content by pressing the Update Content and Stack button.

Update Stack
However, any data outside the code workspace folder will be lost for all students who have already started the unit.

If there are no detected updates to the stack or no students have started the unit(s), this option will not be shown.

Projects assigned to the class

If your unit was added using Add Project (not a course unit) then see Update Unit.