Codio Guides is a fully integrated content authoring tool that allows you to write rich teaching content using markdown (and html where needed).

Why should I use it?

If you are creating any type of coding tutorial or you are creating educational content, then you will find this enormously helpful.

Key Features

  • all content written using simple markdown
  • create a wide range of assessment questions.
  • create chapters of content that allow students to easily reset their code experiments back to its original state after experimentation.
  • create any number of sections within your Guide.
  • re-order sections with drag and drop.
  • optionally style your own output with CSS overrides.
  • specify files to automatically open with each section.
  • highlight code blocks within your code referenced from your Guide section.
  • choose from a selection of panel layouts.
  • hide and show table of contents while in both edit and play modes.
  • include guidance material for teachers that is not visible to students.

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