Codio's Global Assessments Library

The Global Assessments Library is an assessment library that all Codio users have read-only access to. The library contains auto-graded assessment questions covering a wide variety of topics, difficulties, and assessment types. We are currently populating it with assessments in:

  • Java
  • C / C++
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Data Structures (in Java)

Read more about assessment libraries here.

Features of Global Assessments Library

All assessments in the global library are auto-graded, there is no manual grading necessary. All assessments also contain example solutions and answer explanations for the student. Some will also have teacher notes to help better convey the intended learning objective of the assessment.

Using the Global Assessments Library

Using the library is similar to using any other assessment library in your organization. Simply go to the assessments drop-down in the guides editor, click on “Assessment Library”, and choose the Codio Main under “Library Name”.

You can filter through the different assessments by:
- Programming language
- Assessment type
- Category (topic-level)
- Content (sub-topic level)
- Learning Objective (in SWBAT form - “Students will be able to….”)
- Bloom’s Taxonomy level
Blooms Taxonomy

Here is an example of the tags in a Codio library assessment:
Codio library

Assessment type is auto-detected and not manually specified.

You can even get a small preview of the question text! Once you find a suitable assessment, add it to your project.

Remixing questions from the Global Assessments Library

If you like an assessment in our assessments library but want to add your own twist to it, you can disconnect the question from the library.

Then, simply modify the assessment as you’d like!

Additionally, you can then add your version of the assessments to your organization’s assessment library.


If you find a bug or error with an assessment, please email us at