Free Text

Free text assessments allow students to answer questions in their own words and teachers are able to easily review and manually grade their answers.

Assessment definition


Setting up a Free assessment within the Guide editor is very simple. As you can see from the screenshot above, you should specify the following details

  • Name is a short name that describes the assessment. This name will appear in teacher dashboards, so naming it clearly is important so teachers can see precisely which challenges are successfully met (or not) by students. In many cases, you do not want to see this text appear within the challenge text the student sees. To suppress this text, flip the Show Name switch next to the name field.
  • Guidance is where guidance for the assessment can be entered. This will be visible to the teacher when the project is opened using the Open as Teacher method. This guidance information can also be shown to students after they have submitted their answer and also if they reload the unit after marking it as completed. To enable this, flip the Show Guidance to Student switch below the guidance field.
  • The Points field is the number of points allocated for the question. You can choose any positive numeric value. Enabling the Allow Partial Points switch will allow the teacher when grading the answer to select the points to give for the students answer
  • One Attempt Only can be used to restrict the student to answering the question once. If not enabled, students will be able to edit their answer until the Unit is marked as Completed
  • Instructions is the actual text that should be shown to the user, written in Markdown.


Completing a free text assessment

If One Attempt Only is enabled, students will only be able to submit their answer once. If this is not enabled them students will be able to revisit the question and edit their answer until they mark the unit as Completed

Grading Free Text Assessments

To review and grade answers given by student, select the student and a list of all the assessments in the unit are shown.


Free Text Assessments are identifiable from the icon


Click one line and you will then see the question asked of the student and the answer they submitted.

If the question was not set to Allow Partial Points, the teacher can select Correct or Incorrect
But if the question was set to use Allow Partial Points the teacher can select the points to give to the answer up to the maximum Points

Viewing Graded Free Text Assessments

For any Free text assessments that have been graded by a teacher in a unit, you will see the points given and the Correct field checked.

Note that for questions where Allow Partial Points was enabled you will see the points allocated and also the maximum points allocated for that question.