Assessments allow you to ask any number of automatically or manually graded questions within your content.

  • They allow a student or a teacher to assess how well they are grasping the subject matter.
  • Many assessment types are automatically graded, saving precious time for teachers and giving students instant feedback.
  • A wide range of assessment types (automatic code tests, multiple choice tests, fill in the blanks, drop-down selection, free text responses and project grading) allow the broadest possible measurement of a student’s progress.
  • In classroom scenarios, all assessment responses feed through to a teacher dashboard.
  • For multiple choice tests, fill in the blanks and drop-down selection assessment types, each individual assessment can only be answered once, giving a true reflection of understanding rather than being able to carry on answering until the correct answer is achieved.
  • When an answer is submitted, the correct answer is shown to the student by default, but this can be disabled if required.

You can choose to weave assessments into the tutorial materials or to create dedicated assessments content.

Example Project

https://codio.com/codio-units/java-example is a project that you can fork into your own Codio account and shows you how to create code tests and setup automatic marking. We would also recommend that you check out our Guides Cheat Sheet and Use Pack to create into your Codio account to review.

Submit buttons and marking as complete

There are two concepts that are important to understand in order to control the way the student submits questions and the way a student marks a project as complete. Click here for a detailed discussion on these.

Adding a new assessment

To add a new assessment, you should first position the cursor in your content where you want it to appear. Then, from the assessments drop-down, select the type of assessment you wish to insert.


Editing an existing assessment

If you want to edit an existing assessment on the page you are viewing, you should press the settings button in the guide toolbar. In the lower section of the drop down list you will find any assessments on that page. Select one to edit.

Deleting an assessment

Select the page where your assessment is located. Then remove the assessment token from the page. As assessment token looks like this.

Assessment token

Once deleted, an assessment remains hidden. To fully remove it, press the Settings icon in the authoring toolbar then select the Assessments tab. All assessments present in the current project are listed. Deleted ones are highlighted in red. Press the red x button to delete it.

Autograding when a student completes a unit

Codio allows you to run a special auto-grading script as soon as a unit is completed by the student. This special type of assessment is managed from the unit settings page in a class. Click here for details.

Secure Script execution

If you store assessment scripts in the .guides/secure folder, they will run securely such that the student has no way of either viewing the script or viewing other files in that folder that might contain secure data. Codio ensures that only the original project author is able to access this folder but when it is assigned to Students as a Unit, it is not accessible in any way and the script runs in an ephemeral container isolated from the students unit.
Any other scripts in the unit that are not in this folder can be accessible to the students