Play Mode

To see your Guide running, you need to Play it. A prompt will be given as you open the project for the Guide to automatically start but you can also do this from the ‘Tools->Guides Play’ menu option.

At this point the panel layout is set up automatically according to the layout specified in the first Guide section and the first section will be displayed.

By default, you are not able to close the Guide but if the Guides author has enabled this option you will be able to if using the Collapse Guides option isn’t suitable for your requirements (see below). If you do close the Guide, you can restart it by clicking the Start Guide icon in the file tree:


Player Options


Within the player various options can be controlled by the user

  • Collapse Guides allows the user to collapse the Guides pane to provide larger working area if required.
  • Navigation Buttons allows the user to navigate forward/backward in the guide.
  • Settings allows the user to change the Theme (light/dyslexic), set the font size, reset both the theme and fonts and to restore the current files (see below). See Dyslexia Support section
  • Increase/Decrease Font allows the user to incrementally increase/decrease the player font size.
  • Show/Hide Section List Hamburger Icon allows the user to show/hide the section list.

Restore Current Files

The Restore Current Files feature is a great way to reset/restore any files on that page to its initial state after hacking sample code around. You can restore your files from the menu as shown below.



The Codio Lexikon is an integrated help system that lets you lookup information on a variety of languages and topics quickly and easily. Having access to concise reference information as new topics are learned is extremely useful and saves having to search the web and separate the wheat from the chaff!

You can access the Lexikon at any time from within a coding project or tutorial Unit from the Tools menu.

The Lexikon is organized into Topics. We currently have added

  • Crunch
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Linux