The settings on this page apply to the entire guide or book.

Global settings


This allows you to include the path and file name of a script file from a page using an HTML <src> tag. Provide one script path per line.

This is used for any pages which are designated in the page settings as an HTML page. The header/footer will be placed before/after the HTML page content.


There is currently only a single theme.

Lexikon Topic

If you want a lexikon topic to appear you should place the name of the Lexikon topic here.

Suppress page numbering

Removes any page numbers from the table of contents when the content is shown.

Hide Menu

Hides the Codio menu. You should be aware that this will prohibit access to functions that are accessible via the menu.

Allow Guide to be closed

Allows students to close the guide content. The content can be restarted by selecting the ‘start guide’ icon in the file tree:

Use Mark as Complete

For a discussion on the use of the this feature, please click here.

This setting is enabled by default and will show students a button at the end of the unit, from their dashboard and from Education menu in the IDE they can select to mark as complete.

If you have set the Unit Duration 'On Unit End’ action to mark as complete or disable and mark as complete, the unit will automatically be marked as complete when the end date/time of the unit is reached and you can elect to suppress the ability for students to have to mark their units as complete by disabling this setting.

Use Submit Buttons

For a discussion on the use of the this feature, please click here.

This is enabled by default and shows students a button for assessments for them to submit their answers.
If you have set the Unit Duration, when the end of unit duration date/time is reached, all answers to the assessments will be automatically submitted

Collapsed on Start

Enable this to collapse the guides pane in the unit/project when the layout is not 1 Panel. Performs similar task to the collapse button in playmode.

The guides can be reopened by clicking the hamburger icon:

Hide Sections Toggle

Enable this to hide the option for students to switch sections using the Section list hamburger icon

Hide Back to Dashboard button

Enable this to hide the 'Back to Dashboard’ button that by default will show to the students at the end of the unit

Protect Layout

Enable this to prevent tabs being opened or closed by students in the unit