Creating teacher only content for teacher solutions

You can control information that appears in the content in the two following ways.


For the content to be properly hidden, the project must be opened as a unit within a course module.

If your project is public and a user accesses this project via the public listing of your account then they will have access to the solutions.

Entire page

If you want a page and its appearance in the table of contents to be only visible to a teacher, then you should set the Teacher Only slider in the page settings to on.

Selected content within page

If you want to hide a certain piece of information from students then you should include all such content within a page within |||guidance ..... |||. An example is shown below.

### Solution
This solution will only be shown

- to teachers
- provided the content is published within a unit
- if you share a project normally or it is public and a student loads it, they have access to this content.