Content collaboration

We believe that collaboration is the ultimate way to generate great content. Facebook, Google, Twitter and many other huge platform all use open source software. The great thing about open source software is not that it’s free, although this is admittedly attractive, but that the source code is openly available for anyone to collaborate on.

When it comes to tutorial content, the same thing applies. If a single person or company is responsible for developing and maintaining a piece of content, things can and do go slow or go wrong. The speed of development can be slow. Typos can go unfixed. New sections that are needed fail to get added because of time constraints. Often, a piece of content is like a puppy - cute and fun to start with but less so when it grows up. It need constant feeding and doesn’t play with you like it used to.

Using the worlds greatest SCM tool

SCM (Source Control Management) is now a bog standard part of every professional developer’s life. It is more or less impossible for a developer to get a job these days without knowing Git reasonably well. And with good reason.

Git is also highly effective in managing Codio content in a collaborative situation. For those new to Git, here’s why …

  • It snapshots your work at any point in time.
  • You can roll your code back (and forward) to any past snapshot.
  • You can create ‘branches’ of your code and content that contain different experiments while leaving the main, 'master’ branch in its production state. Once tested, you can merge your experimental branch back into the main branch.
  • It allows several people to work on the exact same project independently without risk of messing up your project.
  • When you merge your work with other people’s, it knows what is safe to merge and where there might be a conflict on the exact same lines of code or text, prompting you to resolve the issue.

In this section, we will explore how to use Codio and Git together to enable any level of collaboration between any number of people.