Creating a course

To create a new course, press the New Course button in the top right of the screen. You should then complete the fields that appear on the next screen.


Name, Descriptions, Image & Tags

You are required to enter a name for your course. The Short Description is optional but please add something so others can easily identify it.

A Long Description is usually a good idea and helps other users understand the scope of your course.

You should also add tags that identify the technologies used. An image is also suggested.


This determines whether your course is publicly available to all Codio users or should remain private to you and/or your Organization (if you are a member of an Organization). Private courses require a paid subscription.

To publish your course to an Organization, please read on.


By default, you are the owner of the course you create.

If you are a member of an Organisation, the Organisation owner can disable the ability for you to create public courses. See Public/Private Settings.

If you select an Organization from the ‘Who should own this course’ dropdown, then

  1. Any Owner group members of that Organization are able to administer the course.
  2. All Organization members will be able to see it in the listing, even if the course is marked as private. Students can find these courses in the 'Shared’ tab within the main listing.

To create a course that is private to your Organization, select the Private option and select the Organization as the owner.