Editing a unit

When you create a unit, a snapshot is taken of the Codio project from which that unit is taken. If you make a change to the project, the unit is not automatically updated. This is to ensure that any edits you are making are not seen by students.

When you are ready to publish any edits, you will need to refresh the unit. You can do this it either of the following ways.

  • Select the unit from the listing and then press the Refresh Source button.
  • Toggle the Edit Units slider, and press the Refresh Source button that appears next to the unit.

Any students who have already started the unit will need to start again to get the updated content.
They can do this either by

  • opening the unit as before and deleting it (Project>Delete) and then start again from the class


  • you can reset the unit in the class, either for the whole class or for individual students. See Reset Unit for more information