A course has to have at least one module. A module contains the individual units that will be assigned to students.

Modules help you organize your units into logical groupings. If your course only contains a few units then you may want only a single module. If, on the other hand, your course has a large number of units, then dividing them between several suitably named modules may make more organizational sense.

Creating a module

To create a new, empty module, press the Create New Module button. You can also re-use a module that is located in another course as explained below.

Name, Descriptions, Image & Tags

You are required to enter a name for your module. Short Description is optional but please add something so others can easily identify it.

A Long Description is usually a good idea and helps other users understand the scope of your course.

You can also add tags that identify the technologies used. An image icon can also be set.

Adding a Module

It is possible to add a module to your course that already exists in another course. Press the Add Module button.

The Module browser will open for you to search for the module(s) you wish to add.

You can filter from the available options in the tabs, or search by typing into the search field, whereupon Codio will search within all Module names, descriptions and owner fields.

You can also order the list of modules by name or owner and use the Filter by Course drop down to view modules in other courses.

Module Browse

Adding a unit to a module

Please read the section Adding units for details.