Unit settings

Additional actions for the unit are available by clicking on the 3 vertical blue dots. You will get a different menu depending on whether you have a book unit or a project unit.

Unit settings

For book units, you will not see Change stack or Versions.

Edit settings

For project units, select Edit settings to change the unit title, description and icon.

For book units, you can also remap the unit to the book contents.


This allows you to view the version history. You can see

  • date/time when the unit was published,
  • name of the person who published the unit,
  • the name and version of the stack assigned to the unit.


Change stack

This option is only available for project units. It allows you to switch the stack used by a unit.

If a stack is set to Use latest version then

  • when a unit has been assigned to a class, any student who has not yet started the unit will use the latest version of the stack.
  • the unit itself will remain on whatever stack version was last assigned. If you want to change it to the latest created stack version then you should click the Save Changes button to update it.

Delete unit

Select Delete from the above screen to delete the unit.


You are required to enter a confirmation code to proceed and you can then do one of the following

  • Select Convert content to a project to delete the unit and its content entirely.
  • Select Delete content to delete the unit and save the unit contents to your projects list.