Working with courses

Working with courses often follows the pattern listed below.


  1. Create a new course and name it.
  2. Create your first module. You need at least one module to hold your units. A module is an organizational item and a) contains units and b) can be assigned to a class with all its units.

Unit Creation


  • Create a new project unit this gives you a dedicated Codio box and behaves like a regular Codio project.


  • Create a new book unit which maps to a part of a book. Unlike project units, a book has a single Codio box to work with along with a typically large volume of content.

Please click here for details on how to decide whether to use project units or book units

First version

This describes the first time you create a new unit.

  1. Edit your unit. If your unit is a project unit, clicking the unit will take you into the IDE, as with a Codio project, where you can work on your project.
  2. Publish your unit. When you think your unit is in good shape, it is ready to publish. A unit is not available to the course until you publish. At this point a snapshot is taken of the unit and it forms a part of the published course.
  3. Assign module to class. Once you have units published, you may want to assign them to a class.

You will iterate through the above process as you add more units to your course modules.


Editing a unit does not affect published course content or content assigned to classes. This section describes how you can push your changes out to courses and classes when you are ready.

  1. More edits to a unit. After publishing, you may decide to make further changes. These changes do not form a part of the published course unit until you republish, so you can edit without concern for altering published content.
  2. Republish. Having made more changes, you can publish the unit again in order to make those changes available to the course. However, publishing does not update units previously assigned to a class.
  3. Update class. If you had assigned a course module to a class and subsequently updated and published a unit within that module, then units within that module are not automatically updated in the class. You need to explicitly do this by going to the class. You should see a red Update Course button. This allows you to selectively update units.