Billing - Organization

Organizations Billing

For Schools and University organisations, the billing screen allows you to generate invoices for your account (for new accounts and renewal of existing accounts), and for active subscriptions, view the details of the current plan as well as enter the email of the person who should receive billing notifications.

To access the organsisation billing screen:

  1. Click on your profile picture (bottom left of Classes) Profile
  2. Click the name of your school (under My Organizations) Org Name
  3. You will see billing options listed across the top of the page. Org Billing

Select the country you are in and ‘Save’. Then enter the number of student licenses required (minimum 25). The plans available will be shown , select the plan you require and if you require the invoice to be sent to someone else, you can change the recipient.

If you have a promotion code, enter it in the appropriate field. Validation is case insensitive.

  • If the promotion code is invalid, the message Invalid promotion code will be shown
  • If the promotion code has expired, the message This promotion code has expired will be shown
  • Promotion codes are only available for new users and not available for self pay plans.

When you are ready, click the 'Generate Invoice’ button and the invoice will be generated and sent to the email address.

The option to switch to/from a Self Pay plan is also available but be aware if you have an annual plan and have already paid this might lead to a conflict.

Organizations Billing

Important : This is accessed from the Organization screens and having clicked on your Organization. Please do not use the normal Billing area for individuals that you can access by clicking on your name/gravatar (bottom left of screen) and selecting the Billing tab unless you wish to subscribe as an Individual or already are subscribed as an Individual