Firewall & network settings

Codio can usually run from anywhere in your browser without any special settings. However, some school or university firewall settings may require special configuration.

This page contains information for

  • School network system administrators
  • Students and teachers who may be using Codio from home

Firewall settings

The following is a list of ports and URLs that Codio access from time to time. We have put these in priority order.

  • * the main Codio site and application
  • * domains that are auto-generated for each user project
  • statistics gathering to measure student time spent in units (stats)
  • * web fonts
  • web fonts
  • web fonts
  • * our CDN for speeding up static content
  • * & * for video’s included in Course content
  • used for user gravatars (pictures)

  • *, and * are highly recommended as they relate to the help and support application (Intercom) built into Codio.

If your institution blocks access to YouTube as a general rule, your IT department can whitelist YouTube access that only allows access to content from registered and accredited educational content repositories. See here for more information on this.


We recommend opening the following ports

  • 80 and 443 for standard communications
  • 3000 is a standard port for user projects
  • 9500 is a standard SSL port for user projects

Working from home

Sometimes the anti-virus/firewall settings on your personal devices may interfere with home usage and make the experience slow.

You should check your settings and ensure that items in the above Firewall settings list are added to your exclusion list.

Connectivity Test

If you continue to experience difficulties, visit the Connection Diagnostics page and send us back the generated output going to Help > Support/Contact Us and attach the output file using the paperclip icon)