Public/Private Settings

Organization owners can disable this feature to allow members of the Organization to create Public Projects/Stacks/Starter Packs/Courses and Modules. By default, these will be created as Private.

Private projects can still be shared to other users in the normal manner. See Permissions

N.B. Any existing Projects/Stacks/Starter Packs/Courses and Modules created by members of the organization prior to any changes being made will not be effected

To enable the creation of Public Projects/Stacks/Starter Packs/Courses and Modules, access the administration tools:

  1. Click on your profile picture (bottom left of Classes) authtoken
  2. Click the name of your institution (under My Organizations) authtoken
  3. You will see admin options listed across the top of the page. authtoken
  4. Select Organization Settings
  5. Go to the Private/Public Settings area and click the slider to disable this, and Update to save the changes authtoken

Organization owners can also block Codio support team from being able to access members accounts to provide platform support.

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