Play Mode

To see your content running, you need to Play it. If the content does not automatically start or of you have closed it, go to Tools->Guide->Play menu option or click the Start Guide icon in the file tree:


At this point the panel layout is set up automatically according to the layout specified in the first section and it will be displayed.

Player Options

Play Mode

Within the player various options can be controlled by the user

  • Navigation Buttons allows the user to navigate forward/backward in the content.
  • Settings allows the user to change the Theme (light/dyslexic), Mark as Complete, change the font size, reset both the theme and fonts and to restore the current files (see below). See Dyslexia Support section
  • Show/Hide Section List Hamburger Icon allows the user to show/hide the section list.

Restore Current Files

The Restore Current Files feature is a great way for students to reset/restore any files on that page to its initial state after hacking sample code around. Students can restore their files from the menu as shown below.