We are currently rolling out a new generation of Codio Boxes that will provide far greater power and control for you, as well as improved stability. These new Boxes provide full sudo (root) access, which means you no longer need to use the Box Parts package management system to install software. Instead, you can use the apt package manager, which provides thousands of software packages that are maintained by the Ubuntu community.

Second generation projects and stacks are identified with a G2 label, and we will be gradually updating all our Certified Stacks, Packs and Units to use the G2 platform.

Each Codio Project gets its own dedicated Ubuntu Server (Box). This chapter contains important information on accessing your box, how to administer it and how to install software dependencies.

Details of your project Box can be found by opening the Project > Box Info menu item, where information of your project URL(s) can be viewed.

Box Info