Installing software packages

The Tools->Install Software menu option gives you access to a dialog driven means of running scripts that can install, configure or reconfigure software components. This saves you the trouble of doing this manually from the command line.

Install Software

On this page, you can locate the software you want to install and then click the install icon to start the installation.

Installing from the command line

Our boxes provide full sudo (root) access, so you can also use the Ubuntu apt package manager, which provides thousands of software packages that are maintained by the Ubuntu community.

If you want to provide fully pre-configured boxes then you should use Stacks rather than the Install Software feature described on this page.

Adding or requesting new packages

As of May 2016 the list of available packages is somewhat limited. However, we will be adding to these continuously and we also encourage you to request new ones.

If you require a new script to be added to the Install Software list then you have two options.

  1. Visit the Issues page on our GitHub repository and create a new issue detailing your requirements.
  2. You can fork our GitHub repository, add the script yourself and then submit a pull request.

Instructions on how to add your own package scripts can be found here.


Services that require to be started will auto start on installation.

You can manually start, stop and restart services using the following terminal commands:

$ sudo service <package-name> start
$ sudo service <package-name> stop
$ sudo service <package-name> restart