Language server protocol

The Language Server protocol is used to integrate features like auto complete, go to definition, find all references.

Java, OCAML and Python are currently available.

Python Example:

Implementing LSP support

Enable LSP support in your User (or Project) Preferences, entering

enable_lsp_support = true

If you are authoring content for use in a course/class, we recommend enabling as a project preference as these will be applied over any preferences users may set

Installing language server protocols

To install language server protocols, go to the menu Tools->Install Software and locate the relevant component. Press the install button in the relevant row. The installation may take a few minutes and you should then Restart your Box before proceeding.


Autocomplete is not automatically triggered as in HTML/CSS/JS files. To invoke autocomplete for language server protocol implemented files, use :

Mac: Shift+Space
Others: Ctrl+Space

If you wish to change the default preference to something else you can. See User Preferences for more on this