User Preferences

You can access the User Preferences using the menu item Codio > Preferences > User when you are in a project.


User Preferences are the full collection of settings that apply to you, the logged in user. They cover all aspects of Codio usage from code editor settings (tab stops, indentation, colors, fonts etc.) through to hotkey keyboard shortcut mappings.

Codio Annotations

Codio allows you to fully customize all these preferences and the User level and the Project level.

Codio does the following to manage the final preferences for the logged in user…

  1. Codio defaults are taken
  2. Any user overrides are then applied
  3. Any project level preferences are finally applied, if any

Default Preferences

When you create your account, you will be assigned the default settings. You can see these on the right hand side. These settings are read-only, so you cannot modify them. You can browse through this file to see the complete set of preferences available.

Default settings look something like this

;Brace style.
; Type: list.
; Values:
;  collapse : collapse
;  expand : expand
;  end-expand : end-expand
brace_style = collapse

You can see the setting name (brace_style with a default value of collapse) as well as the data type (list) and the available values (in the case of a list).

User Preferences

User preferences can be made from the main menu Codio > Preferences > User.

User preference overrides are made in left hand pane. When your account is created, this will be empty. Here is an example of user settings that override the Codio defaults …



Keyboard shortcuts & Hotkeys

Within the default settings (right hand pane) you can see how you can map your own keyboard shortcuts.

The defaults will display appropriately for Mac or Linux/PC users. If you override these shortcuts in the left hand pane, then these not Mac/PC/Linux aware. If you are a Mac user and you specify Cmd keys, then you should be aware that these will not be accessible from PC/Linux machines. If you need to have your custom shortcuts working on all machines then avoid using Cmd.

Using Autocomplete

Be sure to use the Codio autocomplete feature for both the setting name and possible values.

Position the cursor within the left pane and press ctrl+space.

If you are on the first line of the file, you will see that you only have Sections available. If you are within a Section, you will see all available settings for that section.

Having selected a preference, press = and then ctrl+space to bring up the autocomplete window again. Depending on the preference type (list or boolean), you will see the available options for that preference.

Searching for preference settings

If you want to find a preference setting in the default pane, the best thing is to search. This will highlight any matching text.