You modify permissions by selecting Permissions from the Project dropdown menu.


By default:

  • Anyone can see a public project
  • No-one can edit a public project (but they can fork it)
  • No-one can see a private project

Changing permissions allows you to give the following access permissions to Users and/or Groups.

  • Read - View the project only
  • Write - Edit the project
  • Admin - Users can access the terminal and the deployment screens. Care should be taken as this entails security risk given that an Admin user has full access to keys and any other private data that might be stored on the Box.

Adding/Removing a User

To add a new user, start typing the user name in the text field. When you find the user, click Add and that user will be added to the list of users below.

You can remove a user from the list by clicking the ‘x’ button.