Viewing GitHub Repos

GitHub let’s you browse around a repo but it’s not the same as using an IDE. Codio gives you a great way of viewing any GitHub (or Git) repo. For web apps, you can even run and preview within Codio.

Simple Approach

The first approach is great for anyone wanting to put a simple button into a GitHub README page and then, when clicked, it creates a Codio fork in an anonymous account.

The advantage of this approach is that changes you make to your repo will be automatically shown in Codio as it creates a brand new Codio project whenever clicked on.

create from GitHub

You just use the following link in your GitHub README file (or anywhere else for that matter).


In some cases, you may want to specify a specific branch. The common usage for this is if you have a demo or GitHub Pages site that you want to load into Codio. In this case you do the following


You are free to use any way of linking to Codio but we would recommend using the following images


Advanced Approach

This method uses the Project->Share menu option to allow people to link to a Codio project that you created. The advantages over the simple approach are speed and layout.

As you are creating the project and may want to retain the Panel and Tab layout, you can use this option to provide a link that loads quickly and with the desired layout.

The drawback with this approach is that any changes you make to the GitHub repo outside of Codio will need to be pulled into Codio to ensure it is up to date.

create from GitHub

How get a Git repo into Codio

create from GitHub

  • If you are on the GitHub site and looking at a repo, you will see the Clone URL link (circled above).
  • Click to copy the link to the clipboard; if you clone using SSH, you must have added the Codio SSH public key first as described here
  • Login to Codio
  • Click on New Project and then the Click here for more options
  • Select Import and then from the Source drop-down, select Git
  • Paste in the Git URL (see below) and add any additional details you require
  • Press Create and Codio will load the repo and then display it

create from GitHub

Repo owners - provide an even better experience

If you are a repo maintainer and you want to offer a super fast way for people to see, in an IDE, your repo code or maybe a demo then…

  • follow the steps, described in the above section, to create a Codio project in your own account
  • now select the Project->Share menu item (explained in detail here)
  • Now select the Markdown option
  • Copy and paste one of the button options into your file and you’ll get a nice button your users can click


Now, anyone viewing the can click on the button and they’ll be instantly taken to the project.

create from GitHub

And don’t forget that Codio is Git integrated, so you can update your project at any time simply by pulling from GitHub.