Sharing and Embedding

To share a project or link to a project from a web page, go to the Project > Share menu item.


Retaining layout status & automatically starting tutorials

You’ll notice the three options at the top of the dialog. When you embed or link to a Codio project you have three ways of the IDE rendering it

  • Project URL : use this URL to display the project with whatever panel and open file configuration happens to be active at the time. This can change all the time depending on what the user happens to have active at any given time.
  • Guide URL: use this URL to display your project with your Guide automatically starting.
  • With Layout : use this URL if you want to always use the precise panel and file configuration that you currently have open. This is the right option if you want to embed it in a blog post or page and a precise configuration should be retained no matter what the project owner is doing with the layout at any given time.

You can use either of these basic URLs by copying and pasting.

But if you want to use one of our preconfigured button options, read on.

Markdown or HTML

You can choose between Markdown or HTML by clicking on the HTML or Markdown label. Markdown is great for your GitHub pages.

Once you have made your selection you can copy and paste from one of the button options below.

Suggested Buttons

You will notice that there are two suggested buttons available for Project URL and With Layout modes.

  • Demo : the suggested button for any situation where you want to link to a demo project. A great example would be on your GitHub page, where you want to be able to show a demo of your code as well as allowing the user to browse around the code itself.
  • Show me the code : the suggested button for any situation where you want to link a blog, tutorial or some documentation to a real code sample.