SFTP Target Type

The SFTP target type allows you to deploy to any SFTP server. You can use a password and/or a public key for authentication.


Base Path

We recommend you set the base path field for remote servers as described here. This will be useful when using the Preview feature.

Public Key Authentication

Codio auto-generates a public key that is uniquely associated with your user account. You can find this public key in the User Settings dialog. You should make sure that this public key is added to your remote server.

Specifying a Port

If you want to override the default SFTP port (22) then you can add the port number to the domain name as shown below


User Name

You will need to supply a valid user name for your remote server regardless of the authentication method.

Password Authentication

If you are using a public key then you can leave the password field empty.

If you do not want to use a public key, then you will need to use a password for authentication. Simply provide the details in the Codio dialog. You can use both a public key and a password if you like.

Empty Destination Path

Be very careful when checking this box. It will brutally remove all content from specified location on the remote server before the deploy starts.