Remote SSH Terminal Access

Important : if you are looking for information on how to connect to your project ‘Box’ using the terminal/console window, then please read about Boxes.

Codio provides the ability to connect to remote servers via SSH. You can open multiple connections and manage connections through the SSH Connection Manager.

A Quick Connect option lets you access remote servers on an ad hoc basis. The SSH Connection Manager lets you store connections for quick access later.

You can do the same things you can do in a regular terminal window, including running text editors like Nano etc.

Copy & Paste operations

Behavior varies between Macs and other operating systems. Using the right-click menu should work on all systems.


Copy and paste both works as expected with cmd+c and cmd+v.

Windows, Linux

Pasting is done as expected with ctrl+v but copying (ctrl+c) cannot be done as it conflicts with the kill process command, so you should use the right-click menu.