SSH Connection Manager

You can manage your SSH connections by going to the Tools > SSH > Connection Manager menu item. The Connection Manager lists all previously created connections, which you can then connect to or edit.
ssh connection list

Creating and Editing Connections

Press the Create New button to create a new connection or the pencil icon to edit an existing connection.

You enter the remote server credentials : user name, hostname and optionally port. You can also specify a friendly name that will appear in the connections list.

ssh connection edit

Public Keys

If you want to add your Codio public key to the remote server, press the key icon in the main Connection Manager listing. This saves you from having to upload a public key manually and means you won’t need to enter a password to authenticate.

If you do want to add your public key manually, please refer to the Codio public key documentation.

Making a connection

To make a connection, you click on the leftmost icon, which opens the connection in a new tab.