Curriculum Map for the OCR GCSE 2012 (J275)

Codio’s teaching content has been created in partnership with the UK’s leading examination board, Oxford & Cambridge and RSA (OCR).

It has been designed specifically to cover the coding aspects of the current GCSE curriculum as well as the new (2016) curriculum.

Please view our Curriculum Map for the OCR GCSE 2012 Computing Specification (J275 Version 1 April 2012).

Creating Lesson Plans: How to use the Curriculum Map

The curriculum map is your resource to track and plan your lesson time. We recommend a minimum (Column C) and maximum (Column D) number of lessons for each curriculum area. Columns F-I specify the Codio content that covers the specific curriculum area.

You can use the spreadsheet by entering time spent and planned for your lessons in Column E. The total amount of time is added up and shown in cell E167. This gives you the confidence to know that all curriculum areas are covered. See the accompanying Instructional Document to the Curriculum Map for further guidance. (The curriculum map outlines 2 years of GCSE Computing work with an expected 3 lesson per week and 34 weeks per year. There is a total of 204 lessons.)