Updating a Pack

The best way to update an existing Starter Pack is to follow these steps

  1. Either a) create a new Project from your Starter Pack or b) locate an existing Project that you wish to use for your Starter Pack.
  2. Locate the Starter Pack again the main listing.
  3. Press Edit.
  4. In the SOURCE field, locate the correctly configured Project.
  5. Press CREATE at the bottom of the form.

Codio does not support versioning for Starter Packs.

Changing the source in the Starter Pack Edit screen

When you edit your Starter Pack, the Source field is enabled if

  1. You are the owner of the source Project
  2. The Project is present and has not been deleted.

If someone else owns the Project or if you have deleted the underlying Project, then you can still edit the Project data fields below the Source field and the original Project that was used will be retained.