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We are currently rolling out a new generation of Codio Boxes that will provide far greater power and control for you, as well as improved stability. These new Boxes provide full sudo (root) access, which means you no longer need to use the Box Parts package management system to install software. Instead, you can use the apt package manager, which provides thousands of software packages that are maintained by the Ubuntu community. Identify them from the G2 tag.

Codio Stacks lets you create and manage the combination of a Codio Box and installed system level components (languages, databases, web servers etc.) so that you can instantly create new Projects and Boxes from Stack libraries.

Stacks List

Stacks are divided up into the following searchable areas within the Stacks listing

  • My Stacks are Stacks that were created by you.
  • Certified Stacks are Stacks that are approved by Codio and cover a wide range of common stack configurations.
  • Popular Stacks are the most commonly downloaded, publicly available stacks created by other Codio users; you should note that Codio does not warrant that these Stacks are tested or safe.
  • All Stacks gives you a searchable repository of all Stacks, whether created by you, others as well as Codio Certified Stacks.

If you cannot find a Stack that meets your needs, then you can configure your own Stack and add it to your Stack library as described here.