Creating a Stack

Please make sure you have read What is a stack? as this contains important concepts and information.

This page explains how to create a new stack or a new stack version from a project. Stack management for course units and books is handled by the publish action and is explained in their respective sections.

Create new stack from the IDE

With the project open in the IDE, select the menu option Project->Stack->Create New. This will allow you to create a new stack or a new version of an existing stack you have the rights to update. By default it will be private to you. If you wish to make it available to others, please refer to the Visibility information below.

Stacks Create New

Create new stack from the dashboard

From the dashboard, click on the Stacks item on the left hand side. On the stacks listing page, press the large blue + button to create a new stack. You then point to your project.

Stacks Create

When you have completed the required fields and pressed the Create button, we will generate a Stack image for you. This can take a few minutes, depending on the size of the Stack image. You do not need to remain on this screen while the Stack is created, so feel free to continue to other parts of Codio. The source project will not be accessible until the stack has been created.

  • Stack Blueprint: you should specify is the Codio project that you want to use for your Stack blueprint. Enter any part of your Project name and you will see them listed in a dropdown.
  • Name and Description: next, add a short name for your Stack and a longer description. You can also add a more detailed overview of your Stack by selecting the “add a long description” link. You can write this long description in Markdown.
  • Image: you can also add an image to make your Stack more instantly recognizable in the listing. This should be a square image, which will be reduced in size and will appear in a circle as shown below.
  • Tags: you can also add tags to your Stack. The tags should be component names ideally. There is an autocomplete function that will help you to use already defined tags to avoid tag duplication and ensure maximum efficiency when searching.

Visibility and Ownership

See visibility settings for information on who can access or edit your stack.