Using a Stack

You can select a stack

  • when a new project is created
  • or by switching the stack if the project is already created
  • or directly from the stacks listing, as explained below.

To create a new project from the Stack listing, you should first locate your Stack. You can select from My Stacks, Certified or All.

Stacks List

To search for a Stack, enter appropriate search text in the search field. This will typically be the name of the main Stack component(s) you are searching for. This will search the Stack name and description as well as any tags used.

Having located a Stack, you can click on the item to get more detailed information. If you want to create a new Project immediately without seeing any further detailed information, click on the icon on the right hand side of the Stack item. If there are multiple versions of this Stack, it will use the latest.

Once you select a Stack, you will be taken to the Create Project dialog and your chosen Stack will be pre-selected. The latest version of the stack will always be used. If you want to choose a specific version of the stack, then read the following section.

Stack Versions

By default, Codio will use the latest version of the selected Stack. Codio Stacks also supports versioning.

There are two ways to use a version.

  1. Firstly, click on the body of a Stack item, which takes you to the information screen for the selected stack. On the top right of the information panel, you can drop down the Use Stack button and select a Stack version.
  2. You can also select the Versions link above the main listing and see information about each version.

Stacks Versions