Unit settings and actions

There are several actions that can be made for an individual unit.

  • Open a unit as a teacher, which allows you to see Guides pages and solutions that are only visible to teachers.
  • Hide grades from students for the selected unit
  • Run the plagiarism checker
  • Pin or Unpin a unit from the student dashboards
  • Download grade information to a CSV file
  • Access the LTI integration url
  • Disable a unit, hiding it from student dashboards
  • Edit a unit
  • Delete a unit from the class
  • Access all the settings from a single settings page

The following settings are also available from the settings screen.

  • Access the grading rubric template
  • Assign a Gigabox (boxes with 1GB and 2GB memory allocations) to the class. This requires you to have purchased a number of Gigaboxes for your organization.
  • Autograde the unit, which automatically transfers the auto-graded assessment total into the grade field


If you are in the main units screen for a classroom, you can access commonly used actions from the button with 3 blue dots as shown in the image below.

unit actions

If you click on the button, the commonly required settings and actions are shown in the menu that appears.

unit dropdown


To access the actions and settings, you can use the Settings option from the blue dot button menu. Alternatively, you can click on the unit itself and then select the Settings tab beneath the Unit name as shown below.

Additional actions can be exposed by clicking on the Actions button.

unit settings