Create an organization

You need to create an ‘organization’ to use Codio as an educational organization. This allows you to access Codio’s curriculum content and classroom features.

To create an organization follow these steps:

  1. Go to and select the Free Trial button

  2. Complete the form with your details, then click Sign Up
    To speed up the verification process and allow you to start the trial we would recommend that you use your institution email address and a name of the organisation reflective of your institution

  3. Your application will be reviewed and you will receive confirmation of the trial start or a request for more information on your institution.

When your application is approved, your organization will automatically be created with a demo class, 3 test students, and several useful projects, (including the Codio Onboarding Guide).

If you have been added to an existing organization and you do not have the Codio Onboarding Guide, click here to create it.

Working with Test Students

  1. 3 Test students will be created for you. You can see these in your organization


  1. You can now go into you teacher dashboard by clicking the login as button


  1. You can switch back to teacher mode by clicking Switch back to teacher account