Add Teachers

Once you have set up your organization, the next step is to invite teachers to use Codio too. This is a very easy process, follow the steps below:

  1. Click your name/gravatar, bottom of the left hand pane

  2. Click the name of your organization (under My Organizations)

  3. Click the Organization Settings tab

  4. About half way down you will see an Invitation area, displaying an Invite URL and an Invite token.

  5. Give any teachers who are not already Codio users the invite URL.

  6. When they enter the URL in their browser, they will automatically be taken through the sign-up process and as they select that they are a Teacher, will then be added to your Organization.

  7. Alternatively, teachers can register themselves for a Codio account by following the sign-up process at Once they have done this (selecting that they are a Teacher, they will be asked for an Invite token to join your educational organization. This is provided in step 4 above - give them the token (not the URL).

  8. If you already have Classes set up you can add Teachers who are existing Codio user as a Teacher to any specific classes. See Adding Teachers to a class

You can then if you wish add them as an Organisation Owner so they can then manage and create Classes themselves.