Adding Students - Bulk upload

If you have a large number of students to add to your educational organization, you can carry out a bulk upload using a CSV file.

To do this follow these steps:

  1. Click your name/gravatar, bottom of the left hand pane

  2. Click on the name of your educational organization - under My Organizations, which is about halfway down the screen.

  3. Click the Upload Users tab

  4. Click Begin a new upload

  5. Browse for a file and follow the instructions on the screen.

The file you upload should be a CSV file. It can contain the following details:

  • Email (required)
  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • Class

Points to note:

  • If your CSV file includes Column names in the first row (as defined above), the order is not important but if your file does not contain the Column names in the first row the order of the content is important.
  • If you wish to minimize the chances of conflicts with existing usernames from other users accounts, enable the Prefix Usernames option and you can then enter a short value. The username (which will be formed from the first character of the FirstName and the complete LastName) will be prefixed with this value.
  • If your CSV file includes a Class, this will be created for you if it does not already exist. If the class already exists (please note case is important), the users will be added to that class for you.
  • Select the group you wish to add these users to.
  • When you then Upload & Preview you will be shown a preview of the details to be uploaded where you can then edit/remove or even add new users to the list prior to completing the upload and they will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed.
  • If there are any problems identified these will be shown to you. As the users complete the process, they will then be added to your Member group (and class if this is included in the csv file).