LMS Integration

Codio supports full integration with any Learning Management System that supports the LTI interface such as Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas and many others.

Authentication and account creation

Once you have configured the LTI/LMS settings, your LMS manages all aspects of signing in to Codio as well as account creation. All your teachers and students need is an LMS account.

If an LMS user has never used Codio before then an account will automatically be created when they access their first Codio course materials.

If an LMS user already has a Codio account then provided the email address of their Codio account matches the email address of their LMS account the same Codio account will be used. If, however, the user has used a different email address within Codio, then a new Codio account will be created that matches that of the LMS account.

Setup, configuration and usage

The following instructions on are provided as short videos.

One time setup of LMS/LTI

You will not have access to the LMS/LTI features unless you have an educational organization setup. as explained in the video. Individual user accounts cannot explore these features.

Important : Codio needs the User Role, Email Address and Name of the LMS user in order to work. It is important that you access the LTI security settings and ensure that these three fields are always enabled.

Mapping LMS Courses and creating LMS Activities

Depending on the terminology of your LMS system, this video covers the two key aspects of LMS->Codio mapping…

  • mapping your LMS Course to a Codio Class, a one-time only configuration for a new class
  • creating an LMS Activity within a Course and mapping it to a Codio Unit

Using Codio from your LMS - student view

Explains how students access Codio from within the LMS.

Using Codio from your LMS - teacher view

Explains how teachers can access students’ Codio projects from the Codio Classroom or from the LMS.

Grading student work and grade transfer to the LMS gradebook

This video shows

  • how teachers grade student work in Codio
  • how grades are not released to students either in Codio or the LMS until the teacher says so
  • how grades are transferred to the LMS gradebook once the teacher selects the “Release Grades” option