Curriculum-Mapped Courses

Codio is built for students. Learning to code is an essential skill.

Courses mapped to leading National Curricula

Access to our 80+ course units comes as a standard with any Codio licence. We are constantly working with the UK's national exam board, Oxford, Cambridge and RSA (OCR) to ensure our content is mapped to national curriculum standards. For further details, please see our curriculum map for the GSCE J276 specification. We are now in the process of mapping our curriculum to the framework for USA K-12 schools.

Mapped courses

Auto-marked assessments with all Courses

All Codio courses come with tests integrated into the content so students have an interactive and engaging learning experience. All our tests are graded automatically so students get instant feedback.

Computational Thinking - Create a maze game

The cource teaches the fundamental concepts of computational thinking.

Flode - Flowcharting

A unit under Introduction to Programming, Flode teaches foundation programming concepts using executable and debuggable flow charts.

Introduction to Web Development

The course teaches the critical skills of HTML and CSS. It also uses Javascript to teach the basic of web sites and web applications.

OCR's Cambridge MOOC

Created by OCR, the course covers all the basic topics students need to know to get started. The tutorial contains content, videos and auto-marked tests.

An Introduction
to Programming

Introduces the basic concepts of programming as well as Javascript, Python and Java.


Crunch is a modern and very easy to use alternative to Little Man Computer. It comes with a debugger and visualization feature that teaches the fetch/execute cycle and shows how CPUs work.

Linux Command Line Interface

This course teaches students how to access the terminal and access the Linux command line interface.


The course introduces basic and advance topics relating to accessing of databaes through code. It is a good course to challenge for students interested in web applications.

Students who had lost confidence and had been "pulling their hair out" because they "could not get" Little Man Computer, loved CRUNCH from Codio. They got the concepts, so thank you.
Peter Kelly, Norton College, UK

Peter Kelly

Head of Computing and Business,
Norton College