Learning management tools

Managing computer software classes, courses and student activity couldn't be easier. With Codio you can easily assign teaching content and assessments to any of your classes. You can also monitor how your students are performing, with access to data on time spent and assessment scores.

Instant access to student code

You don't need to wait on students submitting work before you can see how they are progressing. Codio lets you instantly view, compile and execute student code at any time.

Auto-marked Assessments

Save time because you don’t need to mark assessments. Codio’s tools lets you set assessments to be auto-graded. Results appear in the teacher dashboard and the student gets instant feedback.

Dashboards to monitor student progress

Gives you the big picture. Our teacher dashboard lets you see when students have accessed or completed assignments, and how they've performed. The student dashboard lets your students see what they have to do next, and what grades they’ve achieved.

Assign projects and materials

Codio's stacks mean you can allocate course units to individuals, groups or your whole class with just one click. You can also upload your existing lecture notes, reference documents or other code teaching materials.
I particularly like the fact that it's a complete package. There's no software to install on the school's computers, students can freely access work at home and can 'hack-around' their code without posing a risk to the school's system. Overall I would thoroughly recommend Codio.

Alex Briggs-Davies

Head of Computing
Alcester Grammar School
Warwickshire, UK