Codio Annotations & Tutorials

Codio Annotations

Codio Annotations is a set of features within the Codio IDE that lets you create rich, interactive code samples and documentation for a project in any programming language.

Annotated projects provide a set of features that support learning of any coding material, whether novice tutorials or advanced frameworks, libraries or APIs. You can

  • get a guided tour of the code
  • explore the code structure by clicking on annotation icons within the file tree
  • click on annotation icons within source files to bring up rich text within a popup window

Codio Annotations does a wonderful job for the following

  • Building rich, interactive coding tutorials in any language for any skill level
  • Documenting APIs, libraries or frameworks where well documented code examples flatten the learning curve for developers

Tutorial Mode

Tutorial Mode is accessed from the Tools menu as well. The difference to Annotations mode is that it lets you write code in the left panel at the same time as seeing the annotations text in the right panel, whereas Annotations mode renders the code read-only in the right panel.

Use any IDE to define your annotations

You can use absolutely any IDE to set up your annotations. This means that you can add annotations functionality no matter how you want to code your project.

You only need Codio to run the annotations features and we make it very easy indeed to import a project into Codio from any Git or Mercurial repo as well as ZIP files.