The easier, smarter way to teach programming

Works on every device, powerful yet easy to use, puts you in charge of course content, and provides significant savings too.

Codio For Universities and Colleges

Codio is built for computer science educators, and contains a unique combination of technologies that you’ll find hard to match. Codio provides an entire infrastructure stack in the cloud to give your students access to their code projects at any time.
And it offers you great visibility too - with tools that let you monitor progress, provide support and feedback. Plus, you can easily create new course content or adapt Codio's stacks to create your own learning templates.
Codio speaks with David Croft, Lecturer at Coventry University

Codio benefits

Web-based IDE, online code editor, project templates, powerful class management features and a flexible content authoring system all come as standard.

Cost savings

We provide bespoke pricing options catered to your institutional needs. You could save up to 85% compared to managing your own infrastructure. See our pricing.

Efficiency and productivity

Codio's Stacks and Starter packs save time setting up new users. Efficient workflows make communicating with students easier, and lets them start coding instantly.

Learning management

We've made class management simple. Your faculty staff can easily create and manage classes, monitor assignments, and access student code. Uploading and downloading student work is simple too - just drag and drop.

Simple course creation

Simple and powerful, Codio's content authoring tools will help you create a great learning experience. You can easily upload your own course materials or create new courses with pre-configured template projects.

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