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Perfect for client-side development with HTML5, CSS & Javascript. Sass, SCSS, Less & CoffeeScript also included.


Every project gets its own Box: an instantly available server-side development environment with full terminal access.

Codio supports almost any programming language

Click a language below and watch a 'Codio in Action' video

  • Watch a NodeJS demo NodeJS
  • Watch a Ruby demo Ruby
  • Watch a PHP demo PHP

the above screencast is recorded in real time


Codio is the best browser-based IDE you'll find! There are more features than hairs on Chuck Norris' chest. Unlimited panels and tabs, and a plethora of productivity features.

Just check out our features Page for all the juicy details...


Each project you create gets its own Box server. When you create a project or open it, it's instantly provisioned. You won't even be aware of it being created or started.

This is an Ubuntu instance preinstalled with NodeJS, Ruby, Python, Git, Mercurial and SVN. Want more languages, databases and components? Just check out Codio Box Parts below.

"For me, @CodioHQ is the web developer front-end that has always been missing from GitHub. Great work."

Box Parts

Box Parts is a really cool feature that let you near instantly install additional components into your project Box.

Languages: C, Node, Ruby, Python, PHP (and Composer), Go, Haskell, Java, Lua, Pascal, Rust, Scala

Databases: MongoDB, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Postgresql, SQLite3, Redis, Memcached

Web Servers & Queues: Apache2, Nginx, RabbitMQ

Components: ack, ant, apr, cmake, geos, swig, ghc, image_magick, Leiningen, mave, s3cmd, Silver Searcher

Other: PHP Composer, 20+ PHP Modules, MeteorJS, PhantomJS

Request More: If you want us to add a new Box Part, click here press the 'New Issue' button, ask and ye shall be given (as soon as we can).

Click here to see the full list of Box Parts.

"Sweet, this is like the BEST browser IDE I've used on my Chromebook so far! Great job with this guys."

Blazingly Fast

You will be amazed at how fast both the Codio IDE and Codio Boxes are. Because Codio runs in the Cloud, many Box operations (Git, npm install, bundle - anything that is a Cloud->Cloud operation) are much faster than your local machine.

And if you're wondering about the speed of our IDE, just try it out. Not only is it packed with a mass of productivity features, you'll think you're running a desktop app.

"Starting using cloud-based IDE @CodioHQ in ernest - brilliant and highly recommended."

Integrated Tools

We've integrated services like Git, Bower, Deployment, Remote SSH Management, Tutorial Annotations, Code Templates and more. Right into the IDE UI.

"These guys are seriously making strides!"

Codio Tutorials

We've got prepared some nearly packaged tutorial materials. The beauty of learning on Codio is the speed and simplicity of setting up your stack.

Here are the tutorials we've done so far

  • Complete set of tutorials
  • Typical use case Grunt Tutorial
  • Grunt Watch