Meet Team Codio

Phillip Snalune, CEO & Co-founder

Phillip Snalune

CEO & Co-founder

Phillip is concerned with Codio creating an experience that users will find indispensable, believing that customer advocacy is the foundation for profitable growth. Instrumental in shaping Codio’s pivot to a pure education focus Phillip has led Codio’s sales growth with leading institutions and platforms like edX and Coursera.

Enis Konuk, Chairman

Enis Konuk


Having successfully founded and scaled Quiklabs (now a Google company) Enis is passionate about the potential for Codio to make a significant impact in CS and STEM education.

Maxim Kraev, CTO, Software Architect

Maxim Kraev

CTO and Software Architect

Max is lead developer and architect. He always has a point of view and can always find a workable solution. Max studied information security and cryptography and ensures Codio is a safe place for your code.

Ian Jobling, Customer Support Manager

Ian Jobling

Customer Support Manager

With a background in Banking, Ian has always helped people. When Banking changed from Customer Service to Selling he moved into the tech sector & now helps our users with their questions. When not working Ian can be found felling trees, travelling the Grand Union Canal & making good old fashioned Wine.

Igor Yashtykov, QA Specialist

Igor Yashtykov

QA Specialist

As all round bug fixer and QA supremo, Igor monitors & checks that everything is working perfectly for Codio users with a keen eye on the quality of experience and user happiness. When he gets some downtime, Igor enjoys swimming, travelling, reading books & watching live sport.

Andrey Nikitin, Software Engineer

Andrey Nikitin

Software Engineer

Andrey's a problem-solver. The more complicated the better. He loves seeing results & having fun with the process. He says, “as life goes on there are always new ideas emerging & with them new opportunities to achieve.” When he’s not developing software, Andrey can be found skating, doing aikido, and listening to good music.

Anna Glushkova, QA Specialist

Anna Glushkova

QA Specialist

Anna tackles defects prevention and prides herself on ensuring customer happiness. When not working Anna can be found hiking, shooting with her compound bow or riding her pitbike. She also dreams about a trip in the Himalayas.

Dmitrii Suchkov, Software Engineer

Dmitrii Suchkov

Software Engineer

It's hard to find a Codio subsystem that has not been fixed or improved by Dmitri. He makes sure all our services are up & running smoothly. He enjoys writing powerful yet simple code that delivers for our users. Dmitrii is also interested in information security, loves meeting interesting people, reading & travelling by bicycle.

Konstantin Makarov, QA Specialist

Konstantin Makarov

QA Specialist

Konstantin loves beauty & simplicity, and his QA work ensures Codio is kept as simple and easy to use as possible. "It critical that users can gain new knowledge & acquire skills easily & comfortably". In his spare time, Konstantin enjoys self learning & creates beautiful things through photography & dance.

Mikhail Loginov, Software Engineer

Mikhail Loginov

Software Engineer

Mikhail joined the team as a client-side developer. Coding from a young age, he enjoys creating something new & solving complex problems. He says, “programming is not just a job for me, it’s my passion.” His professional interests are 3D graphics, Flash, web & mobile. In his spare time, he plays basketball & volleyball & rides a motorbike.

Vasiliy Levykin, Software Engineer

Vasiliy Levykin

Software Engineer

When a tricky problem needs to be solved & simplified, Vasiliy is Codio's go-to guy. He likes to dive into the core of Codio, yet always listens to the needs of users. He enjoys writing elegant and easy to use code. Fascinated by foreign languages, Vasiliy spends his free time travelling & reading.

Veronika Schiraya, QA Specialist

Veronika Schiraya

QA Specialist

As a member of the QA team, Veronika is addicted to finding issues. She’s also taking her first steps in UX design. In her spare time she enjoys teaching teenage kids to code, playing board games and swimming.